You deserve to be seen


If you’re looking for an opportunity to showcase in the best possible way your film, to spread the news about it and experience a joyful festival atmosphere then Anubhav International Film Festival is what you need. You can do the submission through Filmfreeway.


Our judges consist of filmmakers and industry professionals. Our diverse judges give the opportunity to all filmmakers to have their films reviewed by them with such a wide knowledge in the art of filmmaking. Every submitted film has a chance to be a winner in the competition.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to showcase their brilliant projects in the beautiful city of Mumbai for a diverse audience of cinephiles. It is a world-class event committed to present the best of this beautiful art called ‘Cinema’ and dedicated to all generations of filmmakers.

Don't stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.


For me, awards are a token of respect that people are giving me. So no matter how many awards I am receiving, I always feel emotional.

Explore Our Festival

Just take a drive into the largest film industry of the planet, Bollywood Mumbai to showcase your film with live broadcast over social network, Awards, Laurel and Unique Certificate.

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